Behind the Scenes of Peter Pan

Tuesday, February 6, 11:00am

The Making of the 2018 Laymen Playmen Musical. . .

Each year The Laymen Playmen community theatre group of Hatfield involves adults and children in education in all facets of theatre including music, dance, speech, and technical theatre. The culmination of seven months of interactive participation is a polished theatrical production presented to the public.  The proceeds derived are used to help serve the needs of the less fortunate in the Hatfield Community.

The Laymen Playmen, Inc., is proud to announce that they will be producing Peter Pan based on J.M. Barrie's classic tale. Show dates for 2018-are Feb. 8, 9,10, 11 and 15,16,17,18. Please visit their website at or call 215-368-9484 for ticket information or additional questions.

Join John Stangl, Lighting Designer for Laymen Playmen & Playcrafters on February 6 at 11:00am at Generations. Come and discover how Laymen Playmen creates this year’s musical Peter Pan. The presentation will explain the different tasks of putting on the production and reveal some of the special effects that are planned for the show, including flying Peter Pan in a non-flying space.

To register for the free program, stop by our front desk or call 215-723-5841.