407C: An ETO Line Company, 1942-1945

Wednesday, May 15, 1:30pm

2019-2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Of the more than 12 million men and women the United States mobilized in World War II, fewer than half a million served in the front-line rifle companies fighting Germany and Japan in North Africa, Italy, the ETO, CBI, and the Pacific theaters. 

Follow one unit and its 200 men from activation nine months after Pearl Harbor, through its arrival in Europe two years later, to its final battle east of the Elbe in April 1945. 

In this program you'll learn who these young men were and how they experienced Army society; what they ate, drank, wore, carried, shot; how they were fed, dressed, equipped, trained, transported, and kept healthy around the U.S. and overseas; and how they lived and fought across Germany during the worst winter in Europe in decades.  You'll learn what happened to the casualties and what came after V-E day, as well as how you can research your or your family's own history using free Federal resources.

About the Presenter: Geoffrey D. Schad is an independent scholar who has researched the history of Company C, 407th Infantry Regiment, 102d Infantry Division, including archival research at the National Archives and correspondence and interviews with 407C veterans, since 1994.  In November he will be in Germany at the site of 407C's first offensive engagement.

Space is limited. Please register for this free program by calling 215-723-5841 or by stopping at our front desk.

Image by Rachel Bostwick from Pixabay