Education & Support for Grief & Loss

August 19, 2019

As people age, life changing events associated with loss may become more common. Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss of many different kinds. People who experience loss of a loved one, job, or even their independence may be grieving and not even realize it.

Attend a free Abington Jefferson Community Health "Help Yourself to Healthy Living" presentation by Sandy Bernstein, MSN, RN, CS, LMFT on Monday, August 19 at 10:00am to learn more about the warning signs of grief and the stages of grieving. Sandy will also share information on how to find help and support for grieving individuals.

Please register for this free program by calling 215-723-5841 or by stopping at our front desk. Look for more informative “Help Yourself to Healthy Living” presentations on the third Monday of each month at 10:00am.