RINGO! September Cash Sweepstakes

September 10, 2019

Attend our September bingo games (see schedule on Sept. newsletter p. 8) and purchase a ring to participate in our ring toss game for just $1. You could win a variety of prizes from Generations gear to gift certificates and other special giveaways during our bingo games. Choose one lucky number for each ring purchased. The lucky number is yours for the month of September (or until our jackpot reaches $75).

Each time you attend day time or evening Bingo at Generations in September, you will be reentered into the drawing for our $75 RINGO sweepstakes with no additional purchase necessary! The more you attend Bingo and sign your name next to your number(s), the more chances you will have to win the RINGO sweepstakes!

You don't have to attend our Bingo games to enter the sweepstakes, but we hope you will! We miss our big crowds at Bingo. We're hoping to entice more folks to come out for our day and evening Bingo games here at Generations so that we can keep the fun alive. Join us this September for RINGO!