Tea at Two: Essential Oils

Wednesday, July 12, 2:00pm

Join us for our July “Tea at Two” for a conversation with Integrative Aromatherapist Tracie Nichols.  She will be sharing what she’s learned about the history of aromatherapy, how essential oils are made, the different ways they are used around the world, how they work with our bodies, and what some current studies are teaching us about their effectiveness.  And, she will, of course, be answering your questions. 

Tracie has loved aromatherapy since the day 27 years ago when her favorite aunt handed her a bottle of Melissa essential oil and said, “Isn’t this the most magical smell?”  Since then she has been learning about, teaching, and practicing aromatherapy to kind reviews from friends and clients, though decidedly mixed reviews from her kids (“Mom, the house smells weird again!”).

Cost: $5 per person includes interactive education session with Tracie, tea, and other refreshments.  Stop by our front desk or call 215-723-5841 to register.