Longest Day Cash Music Bingo

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1:00pm

Come try this fun and exciting game of Name That Tune meets Bingo. Songs replace the numbers on a special bingo card. The host will play a song and reveal the correct name of that song. If you have that song listed on your card, you tick it off. Get a line, call “bingo!”

This Music Bingo event serves as a fundraiser for both the Alzheimer’s Association and for Generations. Cost: $5 per music bingo card or 3 cards for $12. Bring your own refreshments or purchase snacks/drinks in our cafe until 2pm. Questions? Call 215-723-5841.

Why the Longest Day? Taking place this year on June 20, the longest day is the day with the most light — the summer solstice. The Longest Day event hosts fight the darkness of Alzheimer's and all other dementia through a fundraising activity. Generations’ Longest Day Music Bingo event will raise funds to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

Please note- our music bingo event does not last the whole day, just from 1-3pm.