Preventing Falls with Physical Therapy

October 4, 2017

Falls among older adults are both common and costly. Falls in adults aged 65+ are the leading cause of head injuries and broken hips In 2013, the total cost of fall injuries was $34 billion (78% paid by Medicare). Many people think falls are a normal part of aging. Most falls can be prevented—and you have the power to reduce your risk. Exercising, managing your medications, having your vision checked, and making your living environment safer are all steps you can take to prevent a fall.

Are you worried that your balance may not be a good as it once was? Are you unsteady walking? Do you feel you may benefit from a cane? Have you fallen? If so, join Generations in our continuing efforts for fall prevention. The faculty and students of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at DeSales University, in conjunction with National Fall Prevention Week, will be hosting a Fall Prevention Clinic at Generations of Indian Valley on October 4, 2017.

Our Fall Prevention Clinic is fully funded by DeSales University and will be offered at no charge to Generations Participants. Appointments will be available at 1:15pm and 2:30pm. The therapists will perform a comprehensive physical examination, medication review, vital signs measurement, and balance testing, and will provide a written comprehensive fall risk evaluation that can be taken to the family doctor for discussion. Participants will have the option to schedule a follow-up appointment at Generations in which the physical therapists will also provide suggestions to decrease fall risk, such as specific exercises and equipment recommendations.

To schedule your free appointment, call 215-723-5841 or stop by our front desk.