Therapeutic Massage: You Know You

August 27, 2018

We offer on-site access to complimentary wellness modalities such as acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, and massage, all provided by trusted practitioners in a safe environment (Click here for our full listing of wellness offerings).  

We're pleased to announce yet another such service has been added to our list of wellness offerings, and we're pleased to welcome James Ross, BSN, RN, LMT, to our team of certified wellness service providers.    

James is available by appointment at Generations to provide the following therapeutic services:

30 minute Zero Balancing session:
$25 for participants and $45 for non-participants

30 minute Therapeutic Massage or Myofascial Release: $35 

60 minute Therapeutic Massage or Myofascial Release: $65  

For more information or to schedule your appointments with James Ross, call267-475-7013 or email