APPRISE Can Help You

May 27, 2019

APPRISE is a free program, coordinated by RSVP, operating under the auspices of Montgomery County Aging and Adult Services.  Their purpose is to educate those age 65 and over and those with disabilities, on their Medicare options and provide them with objective, easy to understand information.

Utilization of this free service has helped many of our Generations Participants save hundreds of dollars on their Medicare costs.  APPRISE counselors have helped introduce our Participants to and enroll them in low income subsidy programs.

APPRISE volunteer counselors are specially trained to answer your questions about Medicare and provide you with objective, easy-to-understand information about health insurance.  Specifically, APPRISE can answer your questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage plans as well as prescription drug plans.  If you are new to Medicare or even if you’ve been on Medicare for a while, you may have questions.  Our APPRISE Counselors are certified by the State of Pennsylvania to provide free, unbiased information.  We have a confidential hotline so residents of Montgomery County and beyond can contact us to receive an initial screening with regards to their individual Medicare needs.  Also, there are 31 counseling sites located throughout Montgomery County, where residents can meet in-person with one of our counselors by appointment.  In addition to Medicare questions, counselors can also help you with: 

There is NO COST for an APPRISE counselor's service or for enrollment into these programs. There is a counselor here at Generations.  Click here formore information on APPRISE offerings at Generations or call APPRISE at 610-834-1040 x 120 and a trained counselor will help you. More details about the APPRISE program can be found at