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Featured Events:
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    More featured events:
    (refer to newsletter pages listed below by clicking on links at left)
        • Roaring Twenties Picnic (August p. 1)
        • Montgomery County Programs for Seniors (Aug.  p. 1)
        • Annual Contributions Requested   (August p. 2)
        • Get Tech-Savvy - Cell Phone/Tablet Classes  (Aug. p. 3)
        • Generations Cookbooks now available! (Aug. p. 4)
        • Grant Funds Awarded (Aug. p. 4)
        • What is Congestive Heart Failure  (August p. 4)
        • Evening Programs  (August p. 4)
        • AARP Safe Driving Refresher (August p. 4)
        • Learning Bridge Through Play (August  p. 5)
        • Ice Cream Social (August p. 5)
        • Welcome Christopher Lutz (August p. 6)
        • Veterans Shuttle Services (August p. 6)
        • Social Service Offerings (August p.7)
        • Volunteer Opportunities (August p. 7)
        • Regularly Scheduled Recreation (August p. 8)
        • Day Time/Evening Bingo (August p. 8)
        • Evening Dances (August p. 8)
        • What's in Your Suitcase?  (August  p. 8)
        • Wellness & Spa Offerings (August p. 12)
        • Health Screenings (August p. 12)
        • Fitness Offerings (August p. 13)
        • Day Trips & Excursions (August p. 14-15)
        • Overnight Excursions (August  p. 16)

        • Exclusive Generations Trip to Ireland (July p. 16)
        Travel with us to Ireland!

        Generations Is

        A place of welcome and friendship for active adults.....

        A community of people committed to learning, growth, and mutual support.....

        A gathering, where the needs and joys of the community can be shared

        A spirit of partnership and caring which lasts.....

        From generation to

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        Lunch Menus: 

        Keep up to date on all of our programs and events!   Click on the link below to check out our newsletter.   Newsletters may take a few moments to load.  Please note that all programs listed on the calendars and newsletters are subject to last minute changes.  Call us at 215-723-5841 if you are unsure about an event.....
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        Special Announcements:

        Our next Hoagie Sale will be will be
        Thursday, September 10, 2015!  
         Hoagies are $6 for Turkey or Italian and all proceeds benefit our Center & Meals on Wheels Programming.   To order, stop by today or call 215-723-5841

        Did you know that we deliver large hoagie orders to local businesses?  If you know someone who works in the area, won’t you help us spread the word so we can raise needed funds for our Center?  While you’re here picking up that large order form, you should probably order a hoagie for yourself.  What a yummy way to help us out!  

        Click here for the large order form.
        Order your hoagie today!

        Here's an easy way to help us out!   When you shop at, they will donate funds to the charitable organization of your choice!  Visit, log in to your account and search for Senior Adult Activity Center of Indian Valley as your charitable organization.  We appreciate your support! 

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