Healthy Steps for Older Adults

April 10, 2024

Adults 60 years of age and older are invited to Generations for a fall risk screening and prevention program.  The program is designed to raise awareness of falls, introduce steps on how to reduce falls, improve overall health, and provide referrals and resources. 

The program is taught by Tracey Flynn and Dawn Batman, Certified Workshop Leaders, and consists of two workshops, approximately two-hours each in length.  To receive the most benefit from the program, participants are asked to attend both sessions. 

Healthy Steps for Older Adults (HSOA) addresses many common causes of falls including environmental safety; balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises; nutrition; foot health; sensory deficits (vision/hearing); side effects of medication; health status/disease states (including substance use); the need to maintain an active lifestyle; social connectedness; and mental and spiritual well-being.

Space is limited for this free program presented in partnership with the PA Dept. of Aging and The Montgomery County Office of Senior Services.  To register, please stop by our front desk or call 215-723-5841 by April 8.  Please pick up required paperwork to be completed at home OR arrive 20 minutes early on April 10.