Transparency and Financial Responsibility

Our sources of support, how we use that support, and the impact those dollars have on our community are critical pieces of information that underscore our organization’s overall value and daily effectiveness. We strive to provide unmatched transparency and accountability to our donors and stakeholders.

Financial Overview: Where We Get Our Money

Like most other direct service nonprofits, GIV receives government funding as well as charitable contributions from individuals, private foundations, corporate foundations, giving programs, signature events and fundraisers. We are proud of the support provided by the North Penn United Way and are grateful for their designation as one of their “Community Partners.” These revenue streams generate over $700,000 dollars for GIV and its programs each year. That’s a lot of money, and we’re sincerely grateful to the thousands of individuals who make essential contributions to our programs and mission.

But gifts are not our only source of revenue. Additional income is provided through fund-raising events such as our annual 5K race (The Reindeer Run), from staff and member generated fundraising events, from event catering, and facility rentals. There are many ways to support Generations of Indian Valley; and we use each of these contributions responsibly and effectively in service of our programs and our clients.

Financial Responsibility: How We Use our Donor’s Dollars

Contributions to Generations are used to provide programs and services that support older adults and help them to remain independent for as long as possible. Generations provides essential daily nutritional support through our Meals on Wheels programs in 15 surrounding municipalities as well as a daily noontime meal served at the Center. Additional programming in health and wellness, educational opportunities, assistance with social services and benefit programs, and opportunities for socialization are part of our daily life. Only 8% of our budget supports fundraising and development expenses with 92% of every dollar supporting programs, services, and the staffing necessary to provide those resources.

Financial Impact: Outcomes of Those Contributions

The funding that Generations receives provides:

Our donors’ dollars make a tremendous difference in the lives of our community’s older adults!